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If you’re looking for a new way to uniquely express your personality in your home, or bedroom or office, vinyl wall letters are really the way to go. Favorite lines from a movie or inspirational bible verses and quotes don’t have to be just kept on a notepad or in a drawer. Share your thoughts!

Vinyl wall lettering is a great way to get expensive looking wall art decoration but did you know there were more benefits just for putting words on your walls?

Home wall art decor

Soak and dream

Benefits of Typestyle Décor home wall art lettering are:

  1. Professional designs already laid out and simple to apply.
  2. Unlimited verses, quotes, fonts and many colors.
  3. It looks hand painted without paint.
  4. Alternative to stencil and wallpaper removes easily.
  5. Great for office spaces, renters or dorm rooms.
  6. Works on various surfaces: walls, glass, mirrors, wood.
  7. Great gifts for wedding and anniversary.
  8. Inexpensive for crafters and do-it-yourselfers.

And the list goes on and on. Why home wall art décor has become such a trend is the vinyl lettering is so simple and easy to apply and it transforms any room with its clean, elegant lines and chic appearance without spending an arm and a leg! You can choose a pre-designed quote and then choose just the right color to complement your room. You can choose just the right size for that hard-to-decorate corner, arch in the entryway, nursery, teens room, bedroom and bath. The hardest part will be of knowing when to stop!

Release your personality and spread encouraging words and warm feels with home wall art!


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Here are a couple of examples of color and meanings when you’re choosing a design for your home. Of course everyone has a favorite color and may want to carry out a theme for a certain room. Here’s a little information to help you in your choices for just the right design.

RED-Passionate, Attention getter. (Think Stop signs!)

Pink-Feminine, Romantic and sensual.

Blue-Dependable and calming.

White-Yes, even white has attributes of Purity, light, cleanliness.

Don’t forget to consider contrast when choosing colors. Choose a color that contrasts with the wall so that the design will stand out and have impact. If you’re going for a more subtle effect, then you can choose colors that have less contrast.

We’ll write more in depth on color and moods and examine different colors periodically to help you decide on just the right color for your designs for your home.

Design with Style!

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