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After a holiday,  there inevitably seems to be a feeling of let down, it’s over, oh good, or oh God! so I want to be uplifting to myself as well as you who read this.

The fireworks have sizzled and gone out, friends and family gone home and its back to work. Back to routine lives again. But I advocate constantly, your home can be fun to be in as the Fourth of July every day with vinyl wall art decals. Our professional creative designers will scratch their heads, tap their fingers on the desktop and go through different designs until they get a design they feel is worthy to offer to our clients. I almost wanted to say, until they get it right. But what is “it”? That’s the illusive, ephemeral side of creative design—the spark of creativity that can bring a 1 dimensional drawing to life. Ancient Greeks thought there was a goddess in charge of artistic pursuits called Muses—hence our word…when the muse strikes—in the muse? no, not that one…Anyway, whatever “it” is—our designers have it and they bring it to each and everyone of their designs.

Like this new one about laughter for your home. Is anything else more important for a happy home? It was suggested by a client that wanted something unique that expressed the flavor or tone of their home. The designer scratched her head, tapped her fingers on the desktop and started creating “A good laugh is sunshine in a house”. It’s not all inspiration by the muse. It is always 90% perspiration like the saying goes. It takes education in design and many years of practicing, honing skills that make it appear to roll off the fingers very easily. Not everybody has that.  I believe that’s what makes TypeStyle different. We do what we do because it’s our passion; a love for design, color and layout that is at the core of who we are.

All TypeStyle designs come in different sizes so if you’re working with a special project and need a custom size, give us a call, send an email, we’ll be happy to work with you to get just the size you need. We do custom projects all the time.

We are working to add to our catalog constantly and releasing a website soon too! Watch for it and we’ll certainly let everyone know when its launched! It’s all fun and I could just go on and on. Maybe I should get back to work and think about the next design. Hmm—Family Room? Nursery? Kitchen? What next? Muse…?


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