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Here are a couple of examples of color and meanings when you’re choosing a design for your home. Of course everyone has a favorite color and may want to carry out a theme for a certain room. Here’s a little information to help you in your choices for just the right design.

RED-Passionate, Attention getter. (Think Stop signs!)

Pink-Feminine, Romantic and sensual.

Blue-Dependable and calming.

White-Yes, even white has attributes of Purity, light, cleanliness.

Don’t forget to consider contrast when choosing colors. Choose a color that contrasts with the wall so that the design will stand out and have impact. If you’re going for a more subtle effect, then you can choose colors that have less contrast.

We’ll write more in depth on color and moods and examine different colors periodically to help you decide on just the right color for your designs for your home.

Design with Style!


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At first thought, a vinyl wall sticker doesn’t sound too classy. But hold on there! Think again! Painting decorative images on walls goes back in history to…well, pre-history!

Ever since there was a blank wall, people have wanted to put something on it and have meaningful wall art.

Today, with the help of TypeStyle Decor’s removable vinyl decals,  you can create a look that is unique, and just your own personal style that is simple, inexpensive and doesn’t use paint.

Consider the options in home wall decor: Blank walls, paint or stencils.

Jumping past blank walls with paint to stencils I’ll say, they’re not easy to work with and take some time to learn to use and they still look like a stencil.

Let’s face it, not everybody is an artist. (I’ve tried and its not easy!) Not everybody wants to spend a lifetime learning a new skill.

With TypeStyle vinyl wall decals, you’ll look like an expert home designer in no time and no artistic talent needed!

But you’re thinking, that’s fine for now but, what if my style changes and I want a new look? No problem! TypeStyle Decor’s vinyl wall decals are easy to remove and they won’t leave any adhesive residue behind on your walls. You can decorate for a season or a holiday or a single day and it won’t break the bank too. There’s something special about a meaningful saying on a wall to express yourself and to use our tagline…make your house your home!

So go on, take the plunge. Check out our designs. We are working hard to add designs all the time and share with you tidbits of information and ideas to decorate and personalize your home, your way.

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TypeStyle Decor specializes in removable vinyl wall decals, the newest trend in home wall art decor!

We have dozens of designs for every room in your house. Simply choose a unique wall vinyl quote, easily purchase through the safe checkout and we can manufacture and send it to you. It’s that easy! Or if you have a special wall quote, saying or verse, we can easily make custom expressions just for you.

“Thank you so much for an amazing wall decal. I put it up as soon as I received it (which was very easy since you included great instructions and all the tools I needed). I couldn’t be more pleased.”  -Lukesbride

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